Onboarding new hires can be challenging and time consuming, particularly if you’re growing!  Many organizations struggle to have a clear onboarding process and have all their materials in one place.

We can help.

Not only can we produce custom training modules to get your new hires up to speed quickly, we can host them, and other information they need, all in the same place so they can start to learn about the company even before they start work.

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We build you an onboarding package specific to your organization.

We will work with you to identify up to 5 key topics or onboarding modules that you would want your new hires to complete, and we can also host up to 20 other documents (e.g. handbooks, overviews, videos etc.) that you want new hires to access. We can host it on your behalf.

Because we can host for you on a private custom site, new hires can even start onboarding before they start, meaning they get up to speed even quicker.

  • All onboarding materials in one place, easy to access and ready to use
  • A secure, branded site for employees to log onto, even before they start
  • Custom training modules that cover what they need to know in an engaging way
  • No need for lots of face-to-face training or facilitator time or taking leaders away from their work
  • Reporting ability so you can check who has completed their training

“I have learned so much from Ethree. Every time I talk to Jess, she provides clarity and a different perspective that makes me think about things in a different way.  These podcasts were real work situations that i have encountered, and getting Jess’s point of view and coaching is always enlightening. She is a joy to work with and has helped my professional growth and development”

Rene Wooldridge

Podcast Guest

On the Elevate Leadership Program:

“This program is excellent! It provides practical lessons, engaging activities, and accessible materials to help people become more effective leaders. It helps make clear your challenges and successes so that you can be more confident and apply new knowledge and skills into your own employment situation.

This program challenges you to think about your role in a novel way. It helps you to learn your strengths and challenging areas. What is more, it helps you to become a more effective leader who is aware of the impact you have on your staff and your organization. With supportive mentoring, interactive activities and engaging discussion, this program helps people with all learning styles.”

Tianna Butler

Western Regional Manager

“We worked with Ethree Online to produce a suite of online learning modules to support our project teams working across Canada.   The team at Ethree worked with us to understand our processes and turned our information into effective, engaging online modules with interactive activities and quiz components to test understanding.  When we first started talking about these training modules, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I’ve been impressed with the quality of the content and the level of engagement they have created in each module.  Working with the Ethree team is easy; they are client focussed, efficient and quickly develop a good understanding of the requirement.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone looking for high quality, customized training”

Kevin Boudreau

Director of Project Management

We had a number of new front-line leaders (or soon-to-be front-line leaders) and we wanted to ensure they were equipped to manage the leadership responsibilities that come with such a role. We have worked with ethree for a while and knew that the ethree team would provide a meaningful and high quality solution for us. It’s tough to find the time and space to gather everyone in the same place at the same time (now, even more so!) and the virtual learning worked out really well for us – employees could complete the modules when their schedules allowed, either at home or in the office. Having the weekly webinar really helps as it allows participants to ask questions, and learn from the experiences of their peers.

Holly Tocknell

Academy Manager

“We have seen great results; supervisors are learning new tools and frameworks to help them be effective and they are doing things differently with their teams as a result of what they learned. We have now enrolled all of our supervisors in the program, and I don’t hesitate to recommend the Elevate program and ethree to anyone looking for high quality, impactful training for their leaders that can be managed in a very busy work environment.
Allison Keats

Training Lead

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