Not everyone has a team of learning and development people at their fingertips to help figure out how to grow their team.

With our online and virtual courses, you don’t need one.

Our online courses are designed to give a quick hit of learning in around 30-60 minutes.  They are perfect for busy employees who need a little help or information right now.

Our virtual programs take a deeper dive into key topics such as managing change, building teams or driving performance.  Designed to walk someone through ‘how to’ they are like having a consultant at your fingertips without the price tag!

Our Online Course Catalogue

We offer a range of online learning options in the key skills most teams need. From effective communication, to working with the different generations, to managing stakeholders and more, our short courses cover key topics in about 30-60 minutes, meaning they are the perfect learning solution for even the busiest employee.

Our Virtual Programs

For more involved needs such as how to manage performance, how to manage change or how to build teams, we developed virtual programs that are like having an expert, coach and trainer all rolled into one without the costly price tag! You access the program online and follow the modules which walk you step by step through how to do what you need to do.

Short courses that are engaging, impactful and generate learning outcomes.

  • Short courses that can be accessed anywhere at any time
  • No special software needed, just an internet connection
  • The key topics that most organizations and teams need day to day
  • Interactive and impactful learning you can easily follow up on
  • A budget friendly price tag

Virtual programs that give you everything you need.

  • In depth tools and training on key topics
  • A step-by-step approach to applying what is learned means greater benefits and impact
  • An option for a consultation if more help is needed
  • 12 months access so that learning and tools can be revisited if needed

“Genoa has partnered with ethree on countless initiatives and programs throughout the last number of years; we see ethree as a extension of our team. When we partner on a project or initiatives, we are always fully confident that we will get a solution that is tailored to our needs. The team at ethree is reliable, responsive and gives us the confidence we will achieve strong outcomes and results through the high-quality products and services they deliver. Since we started working together, ethree has been instrumental in helping our team manage our growth. If we had to sum up our experience with ethree in one word, that word would be trust”.

Gina Pecore

CEO, Genoa Design International

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