Make upskilling your team easy and affordable.

From engaging e-learning to custom virtual and face to face programs, we help you develop your people no matter where they are.

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What We Do

Being a growing business often means you have a big need for skilled people, but limited resources and budgets to achieve those goals.

We make upskilling your team easy and affordable by providing online learning programs and custom developed training packages that meet your team members’ needs.

If you have a learning system, great. If not, no problem. We can also host everything for you and provide reporting capabilities so you can track progress.

About Us

Helping you unlock the potential of your people.

Customized Training Options

Figuring out how to get everyone trained can be challenging, especially in a large, or remote, team.

We make it simple.

We work with you to develop custom online learning modules or virtual programs on topics of your choice.  By working with your team, we gather the content and input we need to shape interactive modules that are both engaging and deliver results.

We can even build quizzes and other methods of testing into any online modules and provide reports so you can follow up with learners and ensure the learning is working.

Get customized training

The easy way to get effective virtual and online training designed specifically for your organization.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the learning content we provide, but the quality of the relationships we build with our clients.

Whether you are looking for a short course on a key topic, or to build a modular program with inter-module connectivity, we work with you to fully understand your goals so we can add value every step of the way.

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Longer Programs

Tackle the most common learning needs.

In today’s world, many of us want to learn, but don’t have the time to take days out to be in a classroom.

Our virtual programs are the answer.

Elevate – Leader Development Program

This is a 12 week blended program that covers all the key skills you need to be an effective supervisor, such as managing performance, handling conflict, understanding personalities, coaching and more. You can download our program brochure below to see all of the modules.

Propel – Advanced Leader Program

A 12 week virtual learning program that focuses on increasing a leaders ability to effectively lead and manage others.

Participants complete a Wiley DiSC Agile EQ assessment and a 360 degree feedback report as part of the program, as well as completing online learning and webinars and receiving 1:1 coaching to help them make the most of the program content.

HR Excellence Program

A self-directed modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to build a high performing team.

Ignite – Managing Change Program

A self-directed modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to lead change effectively.

Excel – Managing performance

A blended learning modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to drive performance in your team.

Get more out of an hour

Online Courses

Our online short courses take about 45-60 minutes to complete and cover a bite-sized topic. Our catalogue is below and our courses cover the most commonly requested topics, from ways to get good at giving feedback to how to manage change and everything in between.

Full Course Library

Perfect bite sized online learning for busy people.

All Courses

Please browse our entire course catalogue


Change is inevitable but just because it happens all the time, doesn't mean its easy to navigate. Explore our range of short courses that help you manage change well.


Communication is the heart of an effective workplace.  Improve your communication skills with a range of short courses on topics all related to communication.

Culture and Workplace

A range of short courses aimed at helping you build an effective and engaging workplace for all team members.


Our short courses related to leading others and building strong leadership skills.


A range of short courses that help build performance in yourself and others.


Our short courses designed to help you build an effective team, whether the team is working together or working remotely.

Wellness & Productivity

From managing stress to building resilience and more, a range of short courses focused on making the most of you energy and brain power.

Work Relationships

A range of short courses to help you build relationships and work effectively with everyone in the workplace.


“We worked with Ethree Online to produce a suite of online learning modules to support our project teams working across Canada. When we first started talking about these training modules,I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I’ve been impressed with the quality of the content and the level of engagement they have created in each module. Working with the Ethree team is easy; they are client focused, efficient and quickly develop a good understanding of the requirement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone looking for high quality, customized training.”

Kevin Boudreau, Director, Engineering and Project Services
"I would enthusiastically recommend ethree training to any leader, no matter the level of experience. As leaders, and even as people, it's important to never stop learning and striving to better ourselves, and in these two days of training I think I did more of that than I had in the entire year previous".

Brad Langer, Call Centre Manager, Program Participant
"We have seen great results; supervisors are learning new tools and frameworks to help them be effective and they are doing things differently with their teams as a result of what they learned"

Ally Keats, Training Lead
"I've completed many courses before but nothing like this one, I like how everything is broken down and explained in sections"

Jeff Gosse, Team Lead, Program Participant



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