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This is a 12 week blended program that covers all the key skills you need to be an effective leader, such as managing performance, handling conflict, understanding personalities, coaching and more.     As a virtual, modular program, Elevate fits into even the busiest schedule and allows you to take your leadership to the next level no matter where you are.

Elevate Participant

The biggest “Aha” moment for me was from Module 9 on Productive Conflict;  changing my perception to see conflict as an opportunity to improve a process, team moral or identify gaps. Learning how to reframe the conflict from unproductive to productive by asking the right questions, listening to understand, focusing on the team perspective, and trying to find solutions” .

Jon Mercer

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Register now by filling in the form here.  Elevate is $1495.00 +HST per person.   You can register individually or you can register a group.  For more information on group enrolment and potential group discounts, get in touch at [email protected]  or 709 437 4300.


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      How the program works

      Each week the participants will complete a self directed online module that covers the core concepts of the program.  Then, participants will take part in a webinar with an experienced leader and facilitator who will reinforce learning, answer any questions, and practice applying the concepts from that module with the whole group.

      Over the duration of the program, there are course check ins and knowledge to make sure participants are getting to grips with the content and able to apply it in practice.

      We keep group sizes small so that the group can interact and learn from one another and there is plenty of space for questions, discussion and individual feedback.

      Time commitment

      Participants should expect to spend about 2 hours a week in learning; 30-45 minutes a week completing the online module, and an hour of participation in the weekly webinar.

      Each month participants will have a check in and knowledge check quiz to complete so we can make sure the learning is sticking.   To pass, participants must attend  80% of the program, and achieve 80% in the knowledge check quizzes.

      Full Course Outline / Syllabus

      Module 1


      This module provides an overview of program content, outlines expectations, and provides guidance on how the site works.

      Module 2

      The Role of a Leader

      Leaders are key to employee engagement and performance. In this module we will talk about the challenge of transitioning to a leadership role from within the team and the need to shift headspace from individual contributor, to leader.

      Module 3

      Emotional Intelligence and Your Impact

      As a leader our ability to understand and manage ourselves in a range of different situations is key. In this module we look at the concept of emotional intelligence, what is involved in being an emotionally intelligent leader, and prompt participants to consider their own strengths and trigger points.

      Module 4

      Understanding People and Personality

      Personality impacts behaviour. We will discuss how to recognize and appreciate different personality types, which is key to leading others effectively.

      Module 5

      Managing Energy and Impact

      Building on previous module content, we look at how to manage energy and emotions in the workplace. The module prompts self reflection of a leaders impact on others, opportunities to improve our impact and how to manage emotions (both our own and those of other people) in challenging situations.

      Module 6

      The ABCS of Performance

      In this module we look at the ABCS of performance: Awareness, Buy-In, Capability, and Sustainability. We look at how to identify where performance gaps are and what actions to take.

      Module 7

      Setting Expectations

      Setting expectations clearly is the first step to effective management of performance. In module seven we will look at how to effectively set expectations of both task delivery and behaviour, and share some examples of how to do this in real life.

      Module 8

      Giving Feedback

      Giving feedback can be a challenging aspect of leadership for many people. In this module we look at how to give feedback effectively and how to receive it well so leaders can role model for their teams.

      Module 9

      Coaching for Performance and Potential

      In this module we will look at the core skills of coaching and how to coach to enable performance. As well, we will work through some examples on how to unlock the potential in our people.

      Module 10

      Managing Conflict

      We will look at what causes conflict between people, the different approaches to conflict people naturally have, and ways to manage the more common types of conflict in the workplace.

      Module 11

      The Importance of Reward

      What gets rewarded gets repeated. In our final content module we look at the importance of reward in motivating individuals and sustaining performance.

      Module 12

      Action Planning and Next Steps

      The last module of the series summarises key learning and has the individual look at how they will apply what they’ve learned, and what they can continue to focus on for the next 6 months to continue their development.



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