We don't have a training team, does that matter?

No, we don’t need to work with a training team, in fact many of our clients work with us because they don’t have a training team.    Even for the development of custom training or onboarding packages we just need a contact in the company to connect with, but they don’t need any kind of training experience.

We would like custom training but we don't have any materials. Is that a problem?

We don’t need to have anything ‘on paper’ to build custom training for you.  It can be helpful if you do have documentation, even if its emails or bits and pieces, but in the absence of any documentation at all we would simply work with a member of your team who knows the subject matter.   We can interview them to get all the information we need to create the draft outline even if nothing has ever been written down.

If we want to do remote training, what kind of systems do we need?

At a base level, none except the internet.   We do have clients who have their own learning management systems and internal webinar systems and we can work with those, but we have plenty of clients with no systems at all, and who don’t have the budget or time to figure it out.   If you are looking for online learning, we can host that for you on a private client page.  If you want a webinar, we can use our own webinar platform and manage the logistics from here.   So don’t worry, whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered!

Can we include our own documents in the onboarding training?

Of course.   The onboarding package already includes hosting a number of other files beyond whatever training we produce for you so you can include things like policies or handbooks or videos that you already have.   And all packages are flexible, so if you need to add more things, or need larger file sizes we can quote for that too.    Just get in touch and we can customize a quote for you.