Propel – Advanced Leader Program

Propel yourself to the next stage of leadership.

A 12 week virtual learning program that focuses on increasing a leaders ability to effectively lead and manage others.   Aimed at more senior leaders and those that lead larger teams or departments, Propel focuses on the leaders ability to shape the culture and environment to get results.

In addition to the weekly online courses and facilitator lead webinars, participants complete a Wiley DiSC Agile EQ assessment and a 360 degree feedback report as part of the program to ensure they get personalized insights to help them propel themselves to the next stage of their leadership.

“I would describe the Propel program as very informative and enlightening. The program gives you skills that you may not have even realized you needed. Also, the way it is designed allows you to fine-tune the skills you already have as a leader and teaches you to use them to your benefit.”
– Barb Muise, Service Manager, The Western Group


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Register now by filling in the form here. Propel is $2,495.00 + HST per person.   You can register individually or you can register a group.  For more information on group enrolment and potential group discounts, get in touch at [email protected]  or 709 437 4300.

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      How the program works

      Each week the participants will complete a self directed online module that covers the core concepts of the program.  Then, participants will take part in a webinar with an experienced leader and facilitator who will reinforce learning, answer any questions, and practice applying the concepts from that module with the whole group.

      Participants also complete a DiSC personality profile and a 360 degree feedback survey as part of the program.   Each participant has 2 1:1 coaching sessions to help them review their survey outputs and embed the learnings from the program.

      We keep group sizes small so that the group can interact and learn from one another and there is plenty of space for questions, discussion and individual feedback.

      Time commitment

      Participants should expect to spend about 2 hours a week in learning; 30-45 minutes a week completing the online module, and an hour of participation in the weekly webinar.

      Coaching sessions are scheduled with each participant at a time that works for them within their work day.


      Full Course Outline / Syllabus

      Module 1

      Welcome and Introduction

      We provide an overview of the program content, how and when we will connect as a learning group, and set up the DISC assessment and 360 survey for each participant.

      Module 2

      Your Leadership Brand

      As a leader, understanding your impact on others is crucial. Leaders drive performance and engagement, ensure results and are the custodians of company culture. In this module, we will explore the impact of leadership at this level in the organization and the importance of a clear leadership brand.

      Module 3

      Understanding Emotional Intelligence

      Emotional intelligence - defined as your ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize the emotions of those around you - is a critical leadership skill and a greater predictor of successful performance in a leadership role than technical ability or IQ. In this module we explore Daniel Goleman’s model of EI and look at the elements that shape EI in individuals from personality to motives.

      Module 4

      Building Your Own EI

      During this week of the program participants take part in a 1:1 coaching session with the facilitator, reviewing the results of their 360 degree feedback survey and their DISC assessment and further refining their learning objectives for the program.

      Module 5

      Building Trust and Empathy

      Leaders that excel in empathy and building trust are better at communication, building relationships, engaging teams and driving performance. But demonstrating empathy and establishing a true, trusting relationship with a wide group of people is not always easy. In this module we look at the importance of empathy and trust and actions that a leader can take to build trust in their team(s).

      Module 6

      Developing Your Leadership Style

      Leveraging the work done on previous modules, in this module we explore the different leadership styles, helping participants connect to their style strengths and identify leadership styles they can develop to have greater success.

      Module 7

      Communicating for Impact

      Leadership is all about communication. Everything we do as leaders involves ensuring we transmit the right information at the right time and in the right way to have the impact we want. In this module we look at how to tailor your communication style and approach to have a positive impact, regardless of the situation.

      Module 8

      Delivering Results

      As a leader your role is to deliver results, both yourself and through those who work for you. In this module we look at how to create an environment with a focus on performance, how to set clear expectations and drive motivation to perform.

      Module 9

      Fostering Accountability

      Ensuring people deliver results is at the heart of the leadership role. In this module we look at how to address performance issue and challenges, provide feedback and have constructive accountability conversations that get results.

      Module 10

      Building Capability

      Leaders need to have one eye on the future to ensure that organizational performance is sustained. This means building capability not just to ensure performance today, but to ensure we can achieve the strategy in the future. In this module we look at the four elements to build capability as well as the role of coaching as a leadership style and skill.

      Module 11

      Wrap Up and Close Out

      In our final module we focus on application in practice. Participants book in for their final 1:1 coaching session to embed their learning and finalize their next steps. We wrap with a final group session.



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