Short Courses

Our online short courses take about 45-60 minutes to complete and cover a bite-sized topic. Our courses cover the most commonly requested topics, from ways to get good at giving feedback to how to manage change and everything in between.

The full catalogue is here below. You can register and access a course right here on the site.  Just click on the course you are interested in and fill in the form. You’ll get an email with a link to the course you signed up for.

Looking for a group sign up or a multi course selection?  Give us a call.  We offer group discounts and tailored sites for clients who want to offer multiple courses to their teams.

Perfect bite sized online learning for busy people.

Full Course Library


Change is inevitable but just because it happens all the time, doesn't mean its easy to navigate. Explore our range of short courses that help you manage change well.


Communication is the heart of an effective workplace.  Improve your communication skills with a range of short courses on topics all related to communication.

Culture and Workplace:

A range of short courses aimed at helping you build an effective and engaging workplace for all team members.


A range of short courses that help build performance in yourself and others.


Our short courses designed to help you build an effective team, whether the team is working together or working remotely.

Wellness & Productivity:

From managing stress to building resilience and more, a range of short courses focused on making the most of you energy and brain power.

Work Relationships:

A range of short courses to help you build relationships and work effectively with everyone in the workplace.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Managing Resistance

Wellness & Productivity

Just as dealing with change is normal, experiencing resistance to change is also normal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about […]

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Duration: 45-60 minutes

Change Happens


In today’s world, change is the norm but that doesn’t make handling change any easier. This short course explores the process we all […]

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Longer Programs

Fit more in-depth learning into even the busiest schedule.

In today’s world, many of us want to learn, but don’t have the time to take days out to be in a classroom.

Our virtual, modular programs are the answer allowing you to learn anywhere, any time.   We offer both facilitator lead and self directed programs on a range of topics.   5 of our longer programs are shown below, but click on the ‘Learn More’ button to explore all the programs we offer.

Elevate – Leader Development Program

This is a 12 week blended program that covers all the key skills you need to be an effective supervisor, such as managing performance, handling conflict, understanding personalities, coaching and more. You can download our program brochure below to see all of the modules.

Propel – Advanced Leader Program

A 12 week virtual learning program that focuses on increasing a leaders ability to effectively lead and manage others.

Participants complete a Wiley DiSC Agile EQ assessment and a 360 degree feedback report as part of the program, as well as completing online learning and webinars and receiving 1:1 coaching to help them make the most of the program content.

Excel – managing performance

A self-directed modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to drive performance in your team.

Ignite – Managing Change Program

A self-directed modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to lead change effectively.

Equip – HR Excellence Program

A self-directed modular program giving you all the tools & training you need to build a high performing team.



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