Ignite – Managing Change Program

The only constant is change!

Change is everywhere, and to be successful in today’s world means being able to lead organizational change well.

Our Ignite program teaches you the same processes, skills and approaches that ethree uses to help organizations lead and embed change successfully.   From determining what change is needed, through to managing the challenges of execution and employee resistance,  we walk you step by step through what is needed to make your change as successful as possible.

As a modular, self directed program,  you log into our learning centre and complete the program at your own speed.  Each module has a learning component, but also activities to complete with the team so you are set up for success.

If at any point in the program you need a little more help, you can book an additional consultation with an experienced member of the ethree team.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change”

Charles Darwin.

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Register now for this course tailored to leaders by filling in the form here.  Participation is $495+ HST per person for 1 year’s access.  You can register individually or you can register a group.  For more information on group enrolment and potential group discounts, get in touch at [email protected]  or 709 437 4300.

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      How the program works

      The program is made up of 9 self directed learning modules that walk you through all aspects of managing change step by step, from defining your change to setting up for success and preparation,  to implementation,  right through to how to sustain change over the long term.

      When you register you gain access to the materials for a full year on the idea that you can then use the modules as you roll out your own change,  completing each module and then applying it to your change as you move forward.

      All the modules are interactive with different activities to help you apply the learning.  All the tools shared are applied to a case study change in the course so you can see how to work through a change from start to finish.  The course includes a workbook for you to capture your notes and answers to the activities.   If at any point you would like to talk to a coach about change or get more help with the course content you can book a consultation for a discounted fee.


      Time commitment

      Each learning module will take about 90 minutes to complete, depending on how much time you spend on the activities. Each module has a knowledge check quiz at the end so you can see how much of what you’re learning is sticking and revisit concepts or book a consultation as needed.   Participants have access to the content for a full year, so they can revisit modules as they implement their change.


      Full Course Outline / Syllabus

      Module 1


      Before you begin the course we overview the content and how the program works so you are set up for success.

      Module 2

      Understanding Change

      In our first module we look at why change is hard, explaining the difference between change and transition and looking at some of the core concepts of change management that underpin the rest of the program and the case study we will be working on during the remaining modules.

      Module 3

      Preparing for Change - Setting Up for Success

      In this module we start working through the change management process, starting with defining your change and assessing risk.

      Module 4

      Preparing for Change - Building Your Team

      In this module we explore how to build a change team and identify the resources needed on that team to make change successful. We also look at how to pitch your change within the organization to help get others on board.

      Module 5

      Preparing for Change - Building Your Coalition for Change

      In this module we look at the importance of a coalition to support change, working through stakeholder mapping and management. We review the role of the change sponsor, how to identify a sponsor for your change and how to work effectively with them.

      Module 6

      Planning Change - Assessing Impact

      In this module we work through the 3 parts of a strong change management plan and the role of impact assessments in identifying what supports are needed to make change stick.

      Module 7

      Planning Change - Building Your Plan

      Having completed impact assessments and all the preparation work we now look at building the elements of the change plan, including communication, training and other supports.

      Module 8

      Implementing Change - Monitoring Success

      We now look at implementing the change plan, how to assess whether a roll out is on track, implementing feedback mechanisms and other elements to monitor adoption.

      Module 9

      Implementing Change - Managing Resistance

      Resistance is normal when implementing any change. In this module we look at how to identify resistance, where it comes from and strategies to manage and mitigate it.

      Module 10

      Sustaining Change

      Just because a change has been implemented doesn't mean it will stick! We need to focus on sustaining change once it is in place. This module looks at the tools to use to make sure a change sticks once implementation is complete.

      Module 11

      Wrap Up

      Having worked through the full change process we wrap up the program with some key reminders.



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