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We work with you to fully understand your goals so we can add value every step of the way.

Our Approach to E-learning Development

Ethree Online is an online training provider. We help organizations of all sizes unlock the potential of their people through high quality training programs. Whether you need face to face, virtual programs, customized e-learning or some combination of all, we work with you to build high quality learning that really works.

We work with organizations across a range of industries and of all different sizes but there are two things all our clients have in common. They understand the importance of developing their people, and they know that online learning is a fantastic way to reach a geographically diverse audience with high impact learning content.


We work in stages with clients, ensuring we stay in tune from start to finish.

Our Approach to E-learning Development

Whether you are looking for a short course on a key topic, or to build a modular program with inter-module connectivity, we work with you to fully understand your goals so we can add value every step of the way.

We work in stages with clients, ensuring we stay in tune from start to finish.  

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Project Kick Off & Discovery








Review and Feedback


Final Files

Project Kick Off & Discovery

We have a project kick off meeting for each program. This is a discovery conversation to ensure we fully understand the learning objectives of your course(s) and the intended audience.

As part of that meeting, we can help you determine what format is the best format for what you want to accomplish and discuss how to best bring content to life. If you aren’t familiar with e-learning, we can show you different types of e-learning courses to help you determine what will best for your learners and your organization.


For clients who want more visual based learning, for example Storyline or video files, we produce a course template using your brand guidelines to create the look and feel for the course.  This is approved by you before we start to build.


Some of our clients provide scripts for us to build from, but for others we develop scripts with the content from material they provide or interviews with subject matter experts.   In the script we outline the content of the course and provide insight into how we will bring the content to life through interactions, activities and imagery.   You approve the script before we start to build.


Once we have an approved script, we then design your course.    We pride ourselves on creating highly engaging and interactive content that can connect with even the most unmotivated learner and bring ideas and concepts to life in a creative and interesting way.

Review and Feedback

Once a course is drafted, it comes back to you for review and feedback.   There may be more than one round of review and feedback depending on the type of course you need.

Final Files

Once we make changes based on your review feedback and we know that you’re happy, we provide you with the final files.  If you’re hosting on your own learning system, then you’re good to go.  If we are hosting for you, then we upload and test the set up before launch.


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we have produced both for ethree and for our clients..

What Makes Us Different?

While there are many providers out there, we believe we are different. Here’s why.

We Do it All

At Ethree, we have a team working for you, that bring a diverse set of skills from scripting to graphic design to the development of complex interactions. If you want to do your own scripting or design, you can but if you want to outsource the whole project, at ethree we can take care of it all.

Ensure Engagement

E-learning should not be a passive experience but unfortunately, without the right design team, your e-learning could send learners to sleep! At Ethree, the level of interactivity we develop in our programs is second to none. We design complex learning interactions to ensure learner engagement is always high.


We can also host for you if you need it. Not every client who has a remote team has their own learning system for hosting e-learning courses. We can host your content for you on custom branded page with only access for your team members, allowing you to leverage the power of e-learning with your team, no matter where they are.


We have multi-software design capability. Not matter what your requirements, or what format of e-learning you need, we can make it happen.

On Time

We have a team of designers meaning we can work on larger projects faster than independent designers.

Still have a few questions?

Please reach out to us, we are happy to chat.  Otherwise you can see our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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“The team at ethree is reliable, responsive and gives us the confidence we will achieve strong outcomes and results through the high-quality products and services they deliver. Since we started working together, ethree has been instrumental in helping our team manage our growth. If we had to sum up our experience with ethree in one word, that word would be trust”.

Gina Pecore
CEO, Genoa Design International



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