Jess Chapman | Welcome to the Unlocking Your People Podcast!

How do you handle the “tough people stuff” in your business?

Each one of us spent our time in school learning math, science, history, geography and other fascinating subjects. However, there’s one subject that we’re really never taught – human interaction.

There’s an assumption that, because we’re human, we’re innately capable of dealing with other humans, no matter the situation, and this is simply not true.

In this first episode of “Unlocking Your People,” Jess discusses the reasons why this fallacy has such a profound effect on businesses and their teams. She provides some background on her wide-ranging career in areas such as talent management, learning and development, employee engagement and change leadership.

Through her company, Ethree Consulting, Jess draws on her experience to help organizations build teams that are passionate about what they do and where they work.

You’ll discover powerful (and most importantly, practical) tips, strategies and processes that will help you engage your workforce to take ownership.

You’ll learn why having unmotivated employees can lead to poor performance as a company, and how you can more easily navigate difficult conversations and situations. 

In upcoming episodes of this podcast series, Jess will provide you with practical advice, along with insights from experts in the field, on how you can better manage the “tough people stuff.”


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Jess’ background, experience and expertise, spanning ten years and three countries.
  • Why it’s so vital for a business to have employees who are engaged and feel connected.
  • What to expect from the podcast, including tips, advice and interviews.
  • And so much more…



“We don’t teach people how to make conflict productive, and we don’t teach people how to frame a challenge so it’s more easily understood…”

“I’m very much focused, as a person, on people being accepted for who they are, and also being in places where they can be and do their best.”

“My focus [for this podcast] is on walking away with something you can do something with.”

“There’s no getting away from the fact that it doesn’t always work out in the people’s world.”








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