3 | The ABC’s of Organizational Coaching




How can you better support performance in your organization or team, while equipping your employees with the tools they need to succeed?


On today’s show, Jess shares her ABC framework to help you do exactly that. This ABC framework can help you ensure that you set your people up to succeed. 


You’ll learn about the components that make up the ABC framework, starting with A – which stands for Awareness. Are your people truly AWARE of what is expected of them and do they understand your big WHY? 


From there, we move on to B – which represents Buy-In. What can you do to ensure that your employees are actually motivated to perform?


C stands for Capability. Once your team members have awareness and the motivation, they need effective tools and skills to deliver measurable results.


Finally, you’ll discover the final element of the framework: S, which stands for Sustainability. Awareness, buy-in and capability are key elements for helping your team get great results, but sustainability is only possible when you follow up with your team regularly.


The ABC framework is a simple formula that can make a significant difference in the performance of your team. 




What you Will Learn In This Show:


  • The ABC framework and how it can help your team achieve measurable and sustainable results.


  • Why creating awareness (the ‘A’ of ABC) is a fundamental first step. 


  • How to encourage and support employee buy-in.


  • How to follow-up with your employees to ensure they maintain their high performance and motivation over time.




“If it is an organization fit issue, the individual needs to know there’s a gap. And they need to have the ability to decide. And they need to have the ability to self-select.”


“Do I know what the change looks like? Am I motivated to do it? And do I have the skills to do it?”


“Training is great for learning skills in a short period of time. But it does not ensure that I go back and do it.”













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