On today’s show, Jess speaks to Gina Pecore, CEO of Genoa Design International, who shares her insights on growth, company culture, and consistent HR practices. You’ll also learn why a people-first approach is critical for managing amazing growth. 


Genoa is a production design firm that provides 3D modeling services for the shipbuilding industry and offshore industries.


Back in the early 1990s, Gina’s husband, Leonard Pecore found himself without a job after graduating with a Diploma in Naval Architecture. He decided to kickstart Genoa from his garage out of necessity. What started out as a bootstrap operation has grown into a multi-million-dollar business employing more than 200 people. 


You’ll learn why Gina credits her team as the primary reason for the company’s incredible success. While the first 10 years were spent building a strong foundation, Genoa capitalized on their hard-work over the next decade. 


You’ll discover Gina’s consistent, people-first HR practices and the reasons why these have helped Genoa grow from strength to strength.


As a successful leader managing a multi-million-dollar business, Gina calls out some common mistakes that high-growth businesses make when it comes to people management. In particular, you’ll learn how an intentional and proactive approach can help you prepare you, your business, and your leaders for the future.




What You Will Learn In This Show:


  • People-first HR practices for high-growth organizations.


  • Why defining your company values is so critical for navigating consistently in difficult times.


  • Why going up the corporate ladder is not the only method for adding value.


  • And so much more…




“If you’re always only talking about the good stuff, or if you’re always only talking about the bad stuff, it’s hard for your team to believe either.”


“Growth is really hard. You know, it’s so exciting. And for an entrepreneur, it’s the thing that motivates you. If you don’t have growth, then you’re really not interested in being in business.”


“One of the early things that will happen in any business or in any organization is, as you grow, you now need your people to start being managers to start taking more responsibility.”


“What’s important to you day to day? How do you deliver value? Because the value is not always delivered by climbing the rungs on the ladder.”


“If you’re in a chaotic moment, understand what that chaotic moment is all about. Calm down, take a deep breath, put some sort of a plan in place, and then go back into the chaos and get the job done.”




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