Most of us can remember learning the “Golden Rule” as kids.

The idea of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” carries with it some useful advice on being thoughtful in your interactions with others. That said, when it comes to unlocking and empowering your employees, the Golden Rule may not be the best way forward.

In today’s episode of “Unlocking your People,” Jess introduces two fundamental concepts that offer a new way to look at interaction in the workplace, especially when your goal is to build an engaged, passionate team who love what they do and where they work.

You’ll learn the importance of getting to know your team and their preferences, as well as the “Platinum Rule,” a more insightful way of giving feedback, rewarding people and navigating workplace interactions.

You’ll also discover why we often fail to use useful ideas and strategies, even when we understand their benefits.

Jess will discuss the concepts of “intention” and “impact,” and why the impact of your words or behaviours can often be quite different from the intention behind them.

Join Jess as she guides you through these fundamental ideas – concepts that will help you interact with your team in a more positive way, empowering them and unlocking their potential.



What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The two core concepts that consistently create moments of revelation for people.
  • Why the “Golden Rule” we learned as kids doesn’t work when you’re unlocking your people.
  • Why do we understand a concept intellectually, but often fail to do it in the moment.
  • The difference between intention and impact.
  • And so much more…




“Nobody else is like you, nobody else has your brain, nobody else does things the way you do them…”

“Don’t treat other people the way you like to be treated, treat other people the way THEY like to be treated.”

“When you’re talking to somebody, and you’re giving them feedback, are you giving them feedback the way you like to give feedback, or how they like to receive feedback?”

“Do you know how your team likes to be rewarded? Do you know what types of things make them feel appreciated?”







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