It’s time for another Q&A session!

In this episode of Unlocking Your People, Jess is joined once again by Kendra Lane as they answer questions submitted to them on a wide range of subjects.

You’ll learn the benefits of strength-based leadership, as well as methods for determining how to best support an employee – developing their strengths versus building their weaknesses.

Jess and Kendra will explore the concept of diversity in the workplace, including the benefits and challenges. They’ll also reveal how “oil and water” colleagues can learn to work together more effectively.

You’ll discover how changing the language around team members’ differences can help build better interactions and understanding.

You’ll learn why leaders tend to absorb their employee’s problems (their “monkeys”) as well as the benefit of giving team members everything they need to solve their own problems before they grow into more serious issues.

You’ll also find out how leaders can become better informed about issues affecting their team members, issues that can lead to larger problems such as burnout.

Join Jess and Kendra as they answer pressing questions around unlocking your people!



What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How to determine the balance between focusing on an employee’s strengths and helping them with their weaknesses.
  • How diversity can be both a benefit and a challenge – if certain elements are not in place in your business.
  • Changing the language around differences between team members to help foster a positive approach to differences
  • Why leaders need to give employees everything they need to solve their own problems, thereby strengthening the team overall.
  • How to be better informed as a leader as to struggles your team members may be facing, such as burnout. 
  • And so much more…



“How much energy are you pumping in to try to get somebody better at something that they find difficult?”

“The more diverse we are the more creative we get, the more solution oriented we can be.”

“We are wired for threat and reward.”

“People’s problems are monkeys and inadvertently, as a leader, you often ‘take people’s monkey.’ Your job isn’t to take the monkey, your job is to teach your team to tame their own monkey…”